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USA Tour Girls 2022

16s & Under

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USA tour Girls 2023

16s & Under


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"An amazing opportunity to train and play basketball in America, developing both sporting and personal skills from the experiences on offer ..... and they are numerous!

From the Nike individual training camp at the University of San Diego being coached by the staff and mentored by the basketball team members, to staying on campus in student dorms which provides a first-hand feel of what college basketball is in the US, to playing against local high school teams in the group camp (also held at USD), to playing in tournaments such as the Pacific Rim tournament in Honolulu (or in the Big Mountain Jam Tournament in Utah the previous year).

Such a wealth of knowledge and experience is on offer for participants to tap in to and benefit from.

The program is well structured and executed which provides confidence and along with clear communication ensures safety for all.

There is a balance in the itinerary between training and playing basketball games, whilst also allowing time for sightseeing and recreational activities i.e. LA Sparks game, shopping, Disneyland, LA sightseeing to name but a few!

Dave and Kerri provided an incredible experience to everyone that accompanied them on this bespoke tour.

Super grateful to have been part of the 2023 trip.......travelling with Mia and the rest of the group, making memories that will last a lifetime."

Review by 2022 and 2023 Parent 'Megan Bibby'

At USD training
Playing Basketball in America
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