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What makes USA Development Tours so unique?

Our focus is exposure to USA college life and the intensively competitive basketball style that the USA provides. We try to incorporate as many of the local sites and attractions that our basketball schedule allows.


How long does each trip approximately go for?

On average USA Development Tours span from 14-16 days, Tours can extend this time frame.

Are parents welcome to come along?

Yes. We love parents sharing the experience with their children and the rest of the touring party, creating lifelong memories. It must be noted that first and foremost this is a basketball trip. It is an expectation that touring parents become part of the team, assisting when needed and continuing to encourage all players to be the best they can be and to step out of their comfort zones. 


What is the average cost of a trip?

Each trip does vary depending on the opportunities that are available for that year. For more information regarding this, please attend our Information Night or get in contact with me via our email.


What is the bedding set up like on the trip?

Rooms are shared comprising of two, three and sometimes four in a room. We always make sure everyone has their own bed. We try to accommodate as much as possible depending on who attends. At times, parents will also share a accommodation as appropriate.

When do most of the trips get held? (Time of year)

June/ July.  Every year is scheduled around the University of San Diego’s Individual and Team Camps, which is held at the end of June. We try and run the trip as close as we can to the mid year school holidays, but usually it does impact one week of school and one game for those playing representative basketball. 

Deposit information

Once a team has been formed, we do ask for a deposit of $2000 to secure your spot. This becomes non refundable once purchasing of flights etc begins. I recommend purchasing comprehensive Travel insurance as soon as deposits are paid. Most reputable insurance companies will  pay out on deposits if injury, sickness or circumstances arise prior to the trip.


Can be made on this website. After registering, an email will be sent with forms attached for signing, Including; photo waiver, basketball uniform sizing, USD agreement, parental waiver, medical information etc. 

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